Better AI.

Better Farming.

Higher Yields.

Greater Consistency.

Superior Automation.

Better Crop Steering.

Better AI leads to more performant growing. Performant growing leads to higher yields and greater quality control. Get higher returns on your growing investments with better AI.

We provide

A fully unified suite of grow technology for complete agriculture management

We build technology that helps growers and farm owners connect to their crops. Our mission is to power the smart farms of the future by boosting crop yields for farms and increasing ROI while ensuring sustainability. We help growers gain predictive insight into their crops through data gathering, monitoring, alerting and machine learning intelligence to predict when things aren't going right and fix them with automation.

We also help farms automate repetitive growing tasks, ensure safety requirements, save energy, manage water usage efficiently, maintain healthy soils, greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize crop cycles, manage grower operations and much more.

Designed for Growers

The industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform

We curate the right analytics and machine learning models so your team has access to essential insights and predictions on any grow. With data to back up your grow, we help you spend more time doing and less time thinking.

Devices for all grows
We design and develop sensors and automation tools for all types of grows. If you need a new tool to help bolster your setup we are here to help.
Data from any source
Our platform is capable of handling data from any and all sources. Whether you manually gather data or already have tooling in place, our platform can ingest data at any granularity.
Platform Data
Why InstaLeaf

A technology-first approach to farming and cultivation.

AI and data driven core
We employ machine learning models on billions of data points to identify grow patterns and deliver value to growers. Our AI gives farmers deeper insight into their enviroment and greater confidence in their grow backed by hard data.
Scalable and secure systems
Security is at the forefront of all our products. Customers can operate in confidence knowing that their grows are secure and backed by highly scalable and redundant systems.
Lightweight IoT Ecosystem
From soil moisture sensors to automated valves, we provide a simple integrated suite of devices for growers to interface with their grows. We enable growers to focus on the bigger picture with full trust our system is covering the details.
Fast-improving platform
We constantly release new features, grow science, and improvements to our platform to ensure you have the leading-edge in technology to support your grow.

Use Cases

InstaLeaf's AI platform & technology are versitile and can be used in nearly every sector of agriculture.

Outdoor farming
Outdoor Farming
Indoor farming
Vertical Farming
Greenhouse farming
Cannibis farming
Wine farming
Strawberry farming
Seasonal Crops

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